Female Genital Area:

We enhance Vulva appearance with dermal fillers. We use dermal fillers to enhance and improve the volume and shape of external genitalia (labia major).



We use Polydioxanone (PDO) a bioabsorbable thread being inserted into skin, causing artificial wound. It induces healing effect of the body itself followed by tightening and lifting effect.

We use high quality silicon coated needles easing the pain and insertion.

We use PDO threads to enhance the skin elasticity and texture and to improve the shape and contour in different areas including arms, abdomen, inner thighs,  lower face area,  crow’s feet, infraorbital wrinkles, cheeks, jawline,  neck,  forehead, glabellar area.

In most of these areas we use small size treads (Meso-threads) as well which are more comfortable during the procedure.

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