Reverse the Signs of Aging & Restore the ‘Triangle of Youth’ of your Face


PDO COG Threads and APTOS Threads can be used to achieve physical lifting of the sagging area on the face. The threads stimulate fibroblasts to make collagen, so after few weeks we’ll have skin tightening in histological level which is longer lasting than physical lifting.These types of threads are very effective in lifting mild to moderate facial tissue ptosis especially to enhance Jawline and Cheek sagging, jawline definition, nasolabial lines, and marionette lines lifting.


Mono-Threads are for Skin Texture and Skin Elasticity Enhancement. They induce a healing process in the body followed by a tightening and lifting effect.


Nose thread is a perfect option to enhance the nose bridge, elongate the nose, lift the nose tip, and enhance the shape and contour of the nose.

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