Corneal Transplant in Dubai

In an operation of corneal transplant, the surgeon at New Al Shefa Polyclinic will replace all or some part of your damaged and nonworking cornea (which is the clear frontal surface of your eye) with healthy corneal tissue provided by the donor.

This process is also called keratoplasty or cornea grafting and is not

vastly done in the UAE. New Al Shefa Polyclinic has a team of highly professional and experienced ophthalmologist and surgeons who already have done several surgeries of corneal transplant in Dubai.

Reason of Corneal Transplant

  • This procedure is usually conducted to help to restore your vision, but the comfort and improved appearance could also be a reason for this surgery.
  • Severe keratoconus is another reason which leads to corneal transplant surgery.
  • This procedure is also performed to treat the scarring of the cornea as a result of swelling, injury or an infection.

Why Choose New Al Shefa Polyclinic

This procedure should not be taken lightly as it deals with your vision and the most sensitive part of your body. Be assured you are in good hands with New Al Shefa Polyclinic experienced surgeons, who are committed and dedicated to your vision correctness and safety.

In particular, our renowned surgeons are fully skilled in lamellar keratoplasty. This is a highly advanced form you can receive for the corneal transplant in Dubai. It is suitable for most of the patients and also involves the grafting of thin layers of the cornea. Through this, rapid healing can be achieved.

Operation for Corneal Transplant

This surgery is generally very effective and safe with higher success rates. The complete procedure has been performed various time and perfected over many years by our surgeons. The operation is usually performed under general anesthetic and complete unconsciousness, so you won’t feel discomfort or any type of pain.

You can easily go home soon after the completion of surgery, without the need of overnight stay at the hospital. For the corneal transplant in Dubai, our surgeons use highly specialized and an instrument called trephine which can precisely remove your cornea. In the same way, donor cornea is removed and create a piece of required size so that it can be carefully sutured in place inside your eye with extremely fine stitches.

After the surgery, an eye patch is placed as a protective shield over your eyelid. By the time your anesthetic wore off, you can go home and take rest.

Recovery Duration

12 to 18 months are required for complete recovery after the surgery of corneal transplant in Dubai. Moreover, you have to visit your ophthalmologist for complete check up of your eyes.

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