Speech and language pathologist & DHA certified Speech therapy

Mozhgan has over 11 years professional experience in treatment of an extensive range of speech disorders; she has a great passion to aid people who have speech disorder to make their life happier. She benefits from exceptional persistence in her attitude to stay with patients despite the hard moment while they were somehow disappointed of progress in their treatment due to nature of causing pathology. Among her strengths one can note Good Communication skills with patients and their Families, teamwork, expertise in using new technological methods in diagnosis and treatment, Well Organized patient care plans and using AAC, play therapy, Teach and PRT in Treatment which improves patients’ outcomes.

Mozhgan as an experienced speech therapist, she is well skilled in assessment, Diagnosis, and treatment of speech difficulties in many conditions such as below:
Autism spectrum disorder, ADHD, Learning disability, Speech sound disorder apraxia of speech, Language disorder, Fluency disorder, Cognitive communication disorder, Hearing deficit, Selective Mutism, Aphasia, Dysarthria, Adult Language disorder, Dysphagia, apraxia, Hearing defect, Cognitive-communication disorder, fluency disorder.

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