Patient’s Rights and Responsibilities, On Website As Per DHA

The Patient rights are:

  • To be greeted by staff courteously and politely when they visit the clinic.
  • That the health care facility to inform them of the care and services they provide and how to access them.
  • The clinic and environment are to be clean, safe, and secure.
  • Choose the treating doctor (depends on availability), in addition, to rejecting him/her upon furnishing a genuine reason.
  • To informed consent for treatment, procedures, interventions.
  • To have the right to refuse treatment.
  • Have an interpreter if required.
  • A patient has the right to receive, upon request, before treatment, a reasonable estimate of charges for medical care.
  • A patient has the right to receive a copy of a reasonably clear and understandable, itemized bill and, upon request, to have the charges explained.
  • Have the Right to privacy and confidentiality during examination, procedures, clinical care/ treatment
  • All staff with which they interact maintain a high degree of professionalism and confidentiality.

The Patient responsibilities are:

  • To follow the rules and regulations of the health care facility.
  • To show respect and to be courteous to the staff.
  • To show consideration for other patients’ needs, especially where their needs are greater.
  • Be accountable for their actions if they decide not to follow the health care provider’s instructions and/or treatment plan and recommendations.
  • Should give accurate information about personal details and past medical history as well as to inform the medical staff of any treatments and medications that they are taking and history of allergy or of allergic reaction to any medication.
  • Is accountable for the payment of the services provided by the health care facility as applicable.
  • Attend the appointment on time informs the Medical Records Section 48 hours in advance in case of canceling.
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