Dental Braces in Dubai at New Al Shefa Polyclinic

We have the best Orthodontists working at our dental clinic in JLT and we offer treatments of advanced levels for both adults and children. Our team of Dubai Orthodontic Specialists is highly experienced and provides comprehensive management by using the latest techniques for braces in Dubai.

Dental Braces for Children

Kids at age seven are a perfect candidate for braces. It is an ideal time to start treatment of an orthodontic problem. The stage of development determines the treatment.

Problems like under development of jaws require treatment at 7. But at whatever age your child is, we ensure that they get the best solution for their dental issues and braces in Dubai.

Early Dental Treatment Advantages

  • Moves back the front teeth so the chances of injury reduces
  • Upper and lower jaw connection establish
  • Self-esteem and appearance improved by teenage

Dental Braces for Adults

Almost everyone with dental issues is looking for the best dentist in Dubai to get a beautiful smile. Minor tooth movement is required by these patients because they don’t have the issue of growing as in children.

Our Orthodontists in Dubai in our dental clinics in JLT Dubai carefully formulate and provide adult treatments, after suggesting different options which are based on their dental issues.

Types of Braces We Offer


These are the modern choice when it comes to selecting braces in Dubai. Elastic O-rings are eliminated in this procedure and teeth move faster with minimal discomfort.

Invisible Braces

It is an alternative and effective treatment to regular braces, which completely allow you to smile with confidence during your treatment. Removable and clear aligners series is used which help in straightening your teeth discreetly.

Lingual Braces

These are totally invisible and are perfectly bonded behind the teeth of the patient. These latest advancements of braces in Dubai is a comfortable option for lesser pain.

Metal and Ceramic Braces

This is a traditional option and is still the most common type of braces which patients request. Made of stainless steel of high-grade, metal braces now comfortably straighten your teeth, using various metal brackets. You can also enjoy a colorful smile with these.

Ceramic braces are formed with a clear material; therefore, they are less noticeable. These are comfortable and don’t break easily. Our medical center in JLT Dubai uses only the best materials that are safe for medical and dental use.

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