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The team of expert dentists at the New Al-Shefa Polyclinic provide world class oral health care services to help our patients get the best smile possible with the varied range of oral treatments and procedures at our dental clinic in JLT Dubai. The number one priority at our clinic is to ensure that our patients get to maintain excellent oral health in the long term. For this, we deliver preventative dental care and educate our patients as well about basic oral hygiene and care.

The one thing that we believe in is that our patients must possess the knowledge required to make informed decisions in terms of their dental health, and the treatment options that are available to them. Our dentists in JLT are dedicated to helping their patients get the best smile possible through a complete dental care plan that can prevent the onset of painful and irritating tooth issues.

Our dentists work hard to bring back our patients’ self-confidence. For this, they deliver a varied list of dental health services, and take steps to rebuild the self-image of the patients by improving their smiles. We are dedicated not just to restoring the self-confidence of our patients, but to helping them live a happier lifestyle with excellent oral health.

Dental Services & Procedures Delivered By Our Dentists in JLT Dubai

As an all-inclusive dental clinic, we are proud to have expert and renowned dentists on board that deliver the follow services and procedures to our esteemed clients:

  • Orthodontics

Invisible Braces or EON Aligners

Easy to maintain and remove, these braces are nearly invisible and are meant to help bring the teeth in perfect alignment. Clinical research studies have shown that Eon aligners are just as effective as braces. The only difference is that aligners offer an added advantage of better comfort and improved hygiene as compared to traditional orthodontic metal braces.

Correction Of Crooked Teeth Through Braces

Whether you opt for fixed braces or removable ones, the one thing for sure is that these will do away with irregularities in your teeth and straight them out. The braces available at our dental clinic JLT are meant to correct an irregular bite, bringing the lips and teeth into proper alignment and closing the gaps that have formed between teeth.

  • Implantology & Oral Surgery

Tooth Extraction

The procedure of dental extraction is performed for the removal of a tooth or a set of teeth from the jaw bone. There are a number of reasons why the extraction of a tooth might need to be carried out. However, the most common reason behind it is that of the tooth not being in a condition that allows for it to be preserved or salvaged due to severe decay, dental trauma or periodontal disease.

Surgery Of The Wisdom Teeth

Also known as third molars, wisdom teeth are the last teeth to erupt behind the lower and upper second molars. At times, their growth is impacted because of different reasons including a small jaw size, lack of space for them to erupt in, or incorrect direction of the tooth growth. In such a case, these can cause a lot of pain and discomfort, which deems it necessary for these to be removed. Their removal is necessary so that localized diseases can be prevented and the patient benefits from excellent dental health in the long run.

Surgery To Treat Impacted Canines

The canine tooth is extremely important considering that it guides the rest of the teeth and improves bite performances. In case the critical canine tooth gets impacted, it calls for the performance of complex orthodontic treatments and dental procedures as it can lead to misalignment by impacting the dental arch.

Bone Grafting

This surgical procedure is meant to replace the bone that is missing in the jaw. With time and as you age, the bone structure found within the jaw is going to weaken. It is not possible for the missing teeth to be replaced without having this dental treatment performed. Bone grafting helps the bone grow as the jaw bone starts weakening due to atrophy.

Dental Implants

The implants are made out of titanium screws and metal posts that our expert surgeons will place underneath the gums and into the jaw bone. These implants then get fused inside the jawbone, which allows for the artificial teeth to have stable support upon being mounted.

These implants are used to ensure that the dentures and bridges placed on to them do not slip or shift inside the mouth. This makes it easier for the patient to eat and speak. If you want to be treated by the best dentists in Dubai, then get in touch with us right now!

Facial Pain & TMJ Problems

The Temporomandibular Joint or TMJ is basically the joint responsible for holding the lower jaw below the skull. The joint is located on both sides of the head, right in front of the ears. It is meant to help the jaw move while talking and chewing. TMJ problems occur when a problem is triggered in the joint itself, or in the muscles responsible for controlling the joint. Thanks to the oral health experts at our dental clinic JLT, you can now easily get relief from this pain in no time.

  • Laser Dentistry

Laser Management Of Soft Tissue

There are several dental procedures that are performed using diode laser technology at our clinic. This include bleaching or gum depigmentation, frenectomy and frenotomy, gingivectomy (recontouring and gum reshaping), implantology, soft tissue surgery and treatment of high lip line or gummy smile. With laser procedures, there is no need for our patients to worry about postoperative discomfort and bleeding.

  • Pediatric Dentistry

    New Al-Shefa Poly Clinic has renowned and highly experienced pediatric dentists on its panel, all of whom are dedicated to ensuring that children have the best oral health.

Preventive Dental Care

This includes procedures and treatments like SSC (Stainless Steel Crown), Pulpectomy, Pulpotomy, Composite Filling, SM (Space Maintainers), Fissue Sealant and Fluoride Therapy.

  • Cosmetic Dentistry

Bleaching or Teeth Whitening

The cosmetic dentists at our JLT clinic use the bleaching process to remove stains and treat teeth discoloration. This helps our patients achieve a brighter and whiter appearance of their teeth. If you wish to improve your self-confidence in a non-invasive manner, then get in touch with our qualified dentists right now.

Hollywood Smile – Veneers & Lumineers

With these thin porcelain shells, our expert dentists can fix up the natural look of teeth, while providing them with strength that is as good as the natural enamel of the tooth.

Apart from these procedures and treatments, the dentists at our clinic also cater to general & restorative dentistry, scaling, polishing, gum therapy, ceramic bridges, crowns, composite filling and much more.

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