Are you wondering what is the process of hair transplant and how does it work? It is an easy process of hair restoration performed on an adult of all ages who is facing significant hair loss, bald spots or hair thinning.

At New Al Shefa Polyclinic, we offer two major and effective types of hair transplant in Dubaiwhich solely depend on donor area follicle units or extraction of graft strips.

The first type of procedure is FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation) while the second one is FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction). We promise natural results through our advanced technique with no stitching or linear scarring.

Causes of Baldness

Do you think vitamin deficiencies and lack of nutrition are the real culprits causing the bald spots and patches on your scalp? Well, think again! Maybe it’s dandruff? Or, may be wearing hat excessively in the hot weather of the UAE is causing patches and hairless spots.

All of these are the past theories and have been extensively disproven by latest studies. The multiple Vitamin deficiencies, covering head and dandruff alone cannot be a major factor behind hair loss which leads to baldness. The hereditary perception that your granddad’s hair pattern causes the hair loss you are facing.

There are 3 primary and major causes of baldness

  • Family History
  • Hormonal changes
  • Aging

If you have severe hair loss than it is better to consult your doctor for getting an affordable hair transplant in Dubai at NewAl Shefa Polyclinic.

Procedure of Hair Transplant

Both procedures of FUT and FUE are performed in our JLT polyclinic with local anesthesia on an outpatient basis.

During the surgery, small strips of hair will be taken and composite grafts will be made from the donor site. After that these strips will be relocated to the area of the scalp where the growth of hair has stopped. Our surgeons have done numerous successful hair transplant in Dubai with natural looking end result through the same procedure.

Transplanted area will follow the exact growth pattern of the existing hair. To cover the treated area after surgery, the semi-permeable dressing is applied to stop seepage of tissue fluid and blood.


It leaves no linear scar. Our expert doctors at NewAl Shefa will remove individual follicles and graft them to a location where hair growth has halted to create natural results.

The reason for the popularity of FUE surgery and hair transplant in Dubai is because the non-invasiveness nature and the transplant are done without using sutures or scalpels.


The process of Follicular Unit Hair Transplantation involves the strip removal of superficial layers of scalp bearing hair from the sides and the back of the head.

With the help of microscopes, the strip is dissected and turned into fine follicular units and are transplanted into the recipient area of bald patches.

A larger number of grafts can be done in a single session, thus it covers a wider area. A thin scar left behind after the procedure.

For the consultation and procedure of hair transplant in Dubai, contact our clinic Now.

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