Highly Experienced Orthodontists in Dubai

Not everyone is blessed with beautiful teeth and perfect smile. Misaligned and crooked teeth are renowned in creating self-consciousness, low self-esteem, and embarrassment. At New Al Shefa Polyclinic, we offer an extensive variety of orthodontic treatment solutions which can help you in achieving a beautiful and healthy smile.

There so many treatment options provided by orthodontics in Dubai to correct the alignment of teeth that are crooked or crowded including aligners, retainers, and braces. We are here to correct the issue of a bad bite and malocclusion (teeth that aren’t aligned) so that you can enjoy proper oral function and health.

When are Orthodontics Treatments Necessary?

Your jaw, age and the balanced size of your teeth comprehensively contribute to your sparkling smile. Most of the times, bite problems become obvious and start hindering chewing function between the age of 6 to 12, and the treatment of orthodontics in Dubai often start at the age of 8 to 14.

Adults are also a good candidate for braces as the teeth growing stopped and the only adjustment is required.

Why Should I Visit Orthodontist in Dubai?

When you face the following issue consultation is necessary

  • Protruding front teeth of upper jaw
  • Crowding of teeth and overlapping due to lesser space at jaw
  • Gap in between teeth
  • Asymmetry of upper and lower teeth and jaws
  • Deep bite when the upper jaw teeth completely covers the lower
  • Reverse bite when the teeth of the upper jaw bite inside lower jaw teeth
  • Open bite when there is a gap between upper and lower teeth that tongue become visible
  • Impacted teeth when the secondary teeth start protruding from the wrong direction

New Al Shefa Polyclinic Offers

  • Invisible Braces EON aligner

More comfortable than traditional braces, wires, and metal brackets, these are invisible and provide beautiful treatment by aligning the teeth back to the correct position with lesser discomfort.

  • Removable and Fixed Braces

These braces prevent irregularities and correct the appearance of crooked teeth with the use of fixed braces and removable dental appliances. By using these devices New Al Shefa department of orthodontics in Dubai can help in straightening teeth, close unsightly gaps, correct an irregular bite, and provide proper alignment of teeth and lips.

Duration of Orthodontic Treatment

The duration solely depends on the complication of the case. Mostly 18-24 months are required for proper alignment, but in some cases, the treatment could take years to resolve the issues.

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