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  • Burn care
  • Nerve regeneration
  • Wound care
  • Fat grafting and adipose stem cell therapy
  • Scar treatment
  • Hand and face transplantation
  • Bone regeneration

New Al Shefa Plastic Surgery department strives not only to change the way you look but to change the way you feel as well. Our wide range of cosmetic procedures ranges from aesthetic services like rhinoplasty in Dubai to complex plastic surgery operations.

New Al Shefa proudly introduced   Dr. Mohsen Naraghi, a board certified surgeon you can trust.

He is a diplomat and International board certified Facial and Reconstructive Plastic Surgeon. And a member of the American Academy of   Facial Plastic and reconstructive Surgery.

With our strict qualifications, rigorous examinations and ongoing assessments, the new Al Shefa Polyclinic   is the highest standard of measure for the Plastic Surgery specialty.

There are a wide variety of laser hair removal in Dubai and plastic surgery procedures that our practice performs.

Use of protein scaffolds to generate the dermal layer, or innermost layer of the skin, following burn injury.


In the practice of hand and upper extremity surgery, as well as lower extremity surgery, are forging new paths in the science of regenerating nerves and restoring optimal function after nerve injury. These therapies involve the use of special growth factors to stimulate nerve healing, as well as special biomaterials to serve as guides to direct the growth of nerve fibers.


Complex wounds that are difficult to heal represent a major focus for tissue engineering and regenerative medicine strategies.


A significant advance in surgical regenerative medicine has been the development and refinement of techniques to transfer fat tissue in a minimally invasive manner. This allows the regeneration of fat tissue in other parts of the body, using a patient’s own extra fat tissue.


Plastic surgeons are experts in the biology of scar formation and the molecular signals that impact healing. Regenerative therapies are being developed using energy-based devices, such as laser and intense pulsed light, to improve the healing of scars.


The ultimate in “Tissue replacement therapy,” hand and face transplantation represents a life-restoring therapy for patients with severe trauma or other disease processes that result in loss of the hands or face


For patients suffering extensive face or a limb trauma, large segments of bone may be missing. Plastic surgeons are using calcium based scaffolds and biomaterials derived from bone to form new bone tissue for reconstructive purposes.