Utilizing the latest and most innovation medical beauty methods Like Dimond microdermabrasion, Aqua peel , Chemi  peel , Micro needling, Carbon peel , Radio frequency , High Intensive Focus  Ultrasound , Electro magnetic Cryo fat frizzing and etc …

These methods along with the most modern equipment available combined with her long time experience and support results in true overall improvement of our clients appearance and well being .

Professional experiences and services :

She has been practicing cosmetology and Aesthetic treatments in her own privet praxis Bio- Aesthetic Kosmetik  in Dusseldorf Germany since 2005 and She has provided for her clients:

  • All  advanced Aesthetic treatments
  • Acne und Acne scar treatments
  • Skin Rejuvenation
  • Pigmentation and whitening treatment
  • Dark Circles around the Eyes
  • Body treatments ( slimming , Cellulite, strechmarks , pigmented areas)
  • Radio Frequency for skin firming body and face
  • Micro Needing mesotherapy
  • All medical Facial treatments

( power therapy, Afterwork therapy, Claiming sensitive therapy, Anti wrinkle , Anti pigment facial , Anti Acne facial , Hydration facial , peeling , etc,)

Nationality: Iranian Australian


Farsi, English, German

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